Sharkysoft archive

These ancient Sharkysoft publications once served a noble purpose. They are preserved in this archive for nostalgic effect. Please don't take anything here too seriously. :-)


Fighting spam with Sendmail, SpamAssassin, and Procmail on Red Hat Linux 9.0

Spam, spam, spam. Don't you just love it? Well, if you don't, and you run your own mail server, this tip is for you.


Command-line CD-ROM burning in Linux

Who needs a GUI? Real hackers master and burn CD-ROMs from the command line.


Securing POP3 Over SSL

The POP3 protocol lets users download email from remote servers. Unfortunately, POP3 compromises system security. This tip presents a remedy.


Archiving Floppy Disks Using Images

This tip shows you how to "rip" a standard floppy disk into a nice, compact file that preserves every aspect of the original disk's layout. Perfect for archiving and restoring floppy disks.


Securely Connecting to a Remote SMB Server

SMB lets Windows users share files with a Linux server. Unfortunately, the protocol is dangerous to use over an untrusted network. Use SSH to secure it.


Installing mod_dav on a Red Hat 7.0 Apache Web Server

mod_dav lets users update web content in Apache servers via the PUT method. This tip shows how to set it up.


Quick Font Fixes for Red Hat Linux 6.2

Red Hat Linux 6.2 ships with the ugliest font configuration! Here's a quick fix for dual boot Windows/Linux systems and users of hi-res displays.


Configuring an IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM burner in Red Hat Linux 6.1

Linux is great for burning CD-ROMs, but Red Hat Linux 6.1 requires a little tweaking first.


Installing RealProducer Plus 6.0 in Red Hat Linux 6.0

RealProducer 6.0 is a wonderful product, but it's installation program sucks the big one. It simply doesn't work. Here's what you can do to fix it.


Slash out Internet Exploder!

A great way to get rid of Internet Exploder, and encourage the use of better browsers, is to choose URLs that Explorer can't load.


JavaScript Answers

Sharky used to be a "web columnist" for Inquiry.Com, a company that offers technical support for a variety of programming languages. They hired Sharky as their "JavaScript Pro," and sent their JavaScript-related questions to him for feedback. Here is the complete collection of his published JavaScript articles.