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combining image rollovers and status bar tips

Is it possible to combine both javascript rollovers and custom status bar feedback for graphic links? Can it be done for multiple instances on a given html page?

There is no reason why JavaScript image rollovers and custom status bar messages cannot co-exist. A detailed tutorial on how to implement rollover images is available on this web site, in Rollover Images. In your code for the rollover, simply insert a line of code that assigns the desired string value to self.status. It might look like this:

top . status = "Click here for the main menu.";

There's a good chance your rollover code is called as the result of an onMouseOver event. In this case, make sure your event handler returns true, in order to prevent the default status bar message from appearing. In your onMouseOut event handler, add the line

top . status = "";
so that the rollover message disappears when the mouse leaves the "hot area."

Charlton Rose
28 August 1997