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mixing JavaScript and nested tables

Question: I have put a simple JaveScript prog in the body of a page to detect which computer platform is being used and to adjust font sizes accordingly.

This works fine but as soon as I put the code inside a nested table then it works but prints the javaScript code on the screen. Any ideas?

There is a bug in Netscape 3 that prevents the browser from producing reliable results when JavaScript is inserted between enclosing table tags. Thus, until Netscape 3 has been phased out, it is best to completely avoid this practice.

Most scripts do not need to run between <table> tags, anyway. If you must use JavaScript to produce the table's contents, then let JavaScript write the entire nested table, not just the table's innards. If you do this, the potential for problems will be minimized.

It appears that this bug has been squashed in Netscape 4.

Charlton Rose
30 August 1997