What is an AlphaSmart 3000?

If you were new to word processing, we would simply tell you that an AlphaSmart is a stylish, lightweight, portable laptop word processor so simple to operate that even a child can use it. Turn it on, type, and turn it off (or let it turn off by itself).

If you were a power user, then we would tell you that the AlphaSmart 3000 is a detachable, hot-swappable keyboard with memory. Use it with your existing keyboard or replace your old one entirely. This marvelous device buffers your keystrokes while you're away from the computer, and then uploads what you typed into any open application, such as MS Word, when you return.

If you were a serious writer demanding mobility and the ability to compose wherever and whenever you feel inspired, we would brag about the AlphaSmart 3000's boot time: 2 seconds. We would also tell you that it runs for 700 hours on 3 AA batteries and holds approx. 120 pages of text in 8 independent files. For you, the AlphaSmart 3000 with WriterTools installed is the perfect tool for first-draft composition.

The AlphaSmart 3000 with WriterTools installed is available only from Smart Input.

AlphaSmart 3000 - $229 + S&H
WriterTools included.
Money back if you don't love it!
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Here's how it works:

  1. Go anywhere: the mountains, the park -- wherever you feel inspired!
  2. Turn it on, say "I love this thing," and then start typing.
  3. Edit the text to your liking. Use the clipboard, spell checker, thesaurus, and advanced navigational controls.
  4. Just turn it off when you're done. No need to "save," run a "shut down" command, or any of that other nonsense.
  5. When additional inspiration strikes you, just turn it on again. The file you were last editing opens up immediately, with the cursor exactly where you left it. This is great for jotting down quick notes -- no more searching around for pen and paper while you forget the idea! No more retyping what you hand-wrote the first time!
  6. When you return to your workstation (Windows, Mac, or Linux), simply connect via the unused end of you keyboard Y cable (or USB cable) and push Send! Your AlphaSmart will upload text into any application you have open. Like magic, your keystrokes "replay" into MS Word, Emacs, the command line, Hotmail -- in fact, anywhere you can get a cursor. The computer just thinks you're typing real fast!

Why carry around an expensive, fragile laptop liability when all you plan to do is type? Accidentally drop or lose your laptop, and you're out $3000! AlphaSmarts are so cheap they're almost disposable. And they're tough, too. I've dropped mine many times and it just keeps on ticking. (Sometimes I do it on purpose just to shock people!)

For more information or to order, visit SmartInput.com. Use the referral code below to get $10 off!

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One final note of caution: WriterTools is a software upgrade for your AlphaSmart, available only from Smart Input. It features a thesaurus, word count, and advanced navigational controls to enhance your efficiency. Be sure to ask for WriterTools preinstalled on every AlphaSmart you order!

Again, don't forget to use the referral code to get $10 off!

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