Fast DES downloads

End users: Fast DES is distributed to you as freeware. You do not need to purchase a license.

Developers: Fast DES is distributed as fully functional, non-expiring, nag-free, shareware. You may download and evaluate Fast DES, free of charge, for 15 days. Afterwards, if you continue to use the software, you must purchase a license. Licensed users may integrate Fast DES into commercial products and distribute such commercial products royalty free, provided that those products do not simply repackage the Fast DES APIs or make them available to the end user.

For specific licensing details, see the PURCHASE section of this site.


(free download)

(developer license required)

(source license required)

JAR Installation instructions:

  1. Download zipped jar (
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Move the resulting JAR into your JRE's lib/ext folder,
    -- or --
    Put the JAR anywhere else and add it to your CLASSPATH.

As you use Fast DES for Java, you are invited to consult the on-line class reference pages. If you purchase a license, you can also download a free copy of the documentation for offline viewng.

Disclaimer: No implication is made that this software, or any updates or patches provided for it in the future, is fit for use for any particular purpose. Please do not use Fast DES for brain surgery, air traffic control, or as a sugar substitute. Future versions of this software may be incompatible with products or systems that worked with previous versions. Use Fast DES at your own risk.