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The Tags: <frame ...>

<frame ...

The frame tag occurs only in layout documents, and only between the < frameset> and </frameset> tags. Once the <frameset> tag has specified the size and number of frames that the document area will be divided into, <frame> tags are used to define the contents and other properties of the individual frames. There must be exactly one <frame> tag for each division specified in the row or column list of the containing <frameset> tag. <frame> tags may contain any of the following attributes:

... src = "document_url" ...

This attribute/value pair tells the browser which document to display in the frame. This document may be either a contents document or another layout document. In the latter case, the frame will be further subdivided.

... name = frame_name ...

This attribute/value pair assigns a name to the frame so it can be targeted for update by hyperlinks occurring in other frames. If your particular application of frames allows all hyperlink targets to be specified through the relative, reserved names, then it is better to avoid frame name conflicts by not specifying frame names.

... noresize ...

This attribute, which has no value, tells the browser to prohibit the viewer from resizing the frame. This attribute occurs in "menu bar" frames, whose sizes are usually given in pixels to accommodate inline graphics.

... scrolling= { yes

This attribute specifies whether or not scroll bars should appear in the frame, and hence determines whether or not the viewer will be able to scroll the frame. Possible values for this attribute are:

Scroll bars must appear, regardless of whether or not the document needs to be scrolled or not.
Scroll bars must not appear, regardless of whether or not the document fits in the frame.
Scroll bars must appear only if the entire document cannot be displayed in the frame without scrolling.

Unfortunately, the Netscape frame extensions do not provide independent control over horizontal and vertical scroll bars, nor do they allow the programmer to specify where on the frame the scroll bars should appear.

... marginheight } =value

These attributes let the user specify, in pixels, the desired upper, lower, left, and right margins of the frame. If the specified margins are impossible, they will be ignored.

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