Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial

(How to Use HTML Frames)


This tutorial has five lessons. It is recommended that you complete them in order.
For a quick tag reference only, jump directly into Lesson 4: The Tags.

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Lesson 1: Laying Out Frames

This lesson will introduce you to basic frames principles, including what they are and how to code them in HTML.

[ Introduction | Frames | Targets | An Example ]

Lesson 2: Targeting Frames

This lesson will shows you how to configure hyperlinks in one frame to update the contents of other frames.

[ Introduction | Hyperlinks in Frames | Hyperlink Targets | Frame Names | Updating Two Frames at a Time ]

Lesson 3: Targeting Windows

This lesson will show you how to configure hyperlinks to spawn multiple browser windows, and how to control the content that appears in them.

[ Introduction | Activating New Windows | Targeting Windows | Relationships Between Windows ]

Lesson 4: The Tags

This lesson is really just a reference -- a formal description of all Netscape frame tags. You'll be coming back to this page time and time again.

[ Introduction | Syntax | <frameset ...> </frameset> | <frame ...> | <noframes> </noframes> | <a href=... target=...> </a> | <form target=...> </form> | <base target=...> ]

Lesson 5: Appendix

This "lesson" discusses advanced topics for achieving great frame implementations.

[ Improper Row and Column Lists | Catering to Frames-Incapable Browsers ]

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

No tutorial is perfect, and this one is certainly no exception. If you've read all the lessons and still have questions, try browsing this list of commonly asked questions.

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