jWave licensing

jWave is distributed under three licenses. Read the descriptions below to determine which license is right for you.

end user binary license

All end users of software that requires the jWave binary distribution in order to run properly are permitted to store one copy of the jWave binary distribution on their computers for the purposes of executing, but not compiling, such programs that rely on jWave files. There is no fee for this license.

developer binary license

One jWave developer binary license is required for each machine on which software that uses jWave APIs is compiled and/or linked. Licensees are also permitted to integrate the jWave binary distribution into their own commercial software products and distribute such products, royalty free, to their end users. However, end users of such derivative products will not be licensed to compile additional software that uses, either directly or indirectly, the jWave APIs.

developer source license

One jWave developer source license carries with it all of the rights and privileges of one developer binary license, and also entitles the source licensee to download a copy of the jWave source code. However, the source licensee must agree to protect the jWave source as a Sharkysoft trade secret and may not reveal the source code to any person not covered by a developer binary or developer source license.

item price purchase
jWave developer binary license 10.00 USD
jWave developer source license 100.00 USD