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Packages that use PrintfData
com.sharkysoft.printf Formats text and data using C-style printf expressions. 

Uses of PrintfData in com.sharkysoft.printf

Methods in com.sharkysoft.printf that return PrintfData
 PrintfData PrintfData.add(java.lang.Object ipO)
          Appends Object data.
 PrintfData PrintfData.add(char icC)
          Appends char data.
 PrintfData PrintfData.add(short iwS)
          Appends short data.
 PrintfData PrintfData.add(int inI)
          Appends int data.
 PrintfData PrintfData.add(long ilL)
          Appends long data.
 PrintfData PrintfData.add(float ifF)
          Appends float data.
 PrintfData PrintfData.add(double idD)
          Appends double data.
 PrintfData PrintfData.add(byte ibB)
          Appends byte data.
 PrintfData PrintfData.add(boolean izB)
          Appends boolean data.

Methods in com.sharkysoft.printf with parameters of type PrintfData
static java.lang.String Printf.format(java.lang.String isTemplate, PrintfData ipData)
          Formats data to string.
static int Printf.out(java.lang.String isTemplate, PrintfData ipData)
          Formats data to stdout.
static int Printf.write( ipWriter, java.lang.String isTemplate, PrintfData ipData)
          Formats data to stream.

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