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Packages that use CroppingMode
com.sharkysoft.printf.engine Reconfigurable text and data formatting engines. 

Uses of CroppingMode in com.sharkysoft.printf.engine

Fields in com.sharkysoft.printf.engine declared as CroppingMode
static CroppingMode CroppingMode.gpNone
          No cropping.
static CroppingMode CroppingMode.gpRight
          Right cropping.
static CroppingMode CroppingMode.gpLeft
          Left cropping.
static CroppingMode CroppingMode.gpMiddle
          Middle cropping.

Methods in com.sharkysoft.printf.engine that return CroppingMode
 CroppingMode StringFormatter.getCropping()
          Retrieves Cropping property.
static CroppingMode CroppingMode.forInt(int inValue)
          Converts int value to object value.

Methods in com.sharkysoft.printf.engine with parameters of type CroppingMode
 void StringFormatter.setCropping(CroppingMode ipCropping)
          Updates Cropping property.

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