Package com.sharkysoft.printf.engine

Reconfigurable text and data formatting engines.


Class Summary
AlignmentMode Text justification styles.
CroppingMode Text cropping styles.
IntegerFormatter Formats integers.
NumberFormatter Formats numbers.
RealFormatter Formats real numbers.
StringFormatter Justifies text in field.

Package com.sharkysoft.printf.engine Description

Reconfigurable text and data formatting engines.

Details: Package com.sharkysoft.printf.engine comprises general-purpose data formatting classes that are configurable using bean-style getters and setters. These classes are the "back end" for Printf for Java and bare the burden of each printf formatting request. A successfully parsed Printf for Java format string results in the creation of a PrintfTemplate, which instantiates a vector of appropriately configured formatters from the classes in this package. Direct access to the Printf for Java formatting engine allows the programmer to sacrifice the conciseness of a format string in exchange for the flexibility of bean-style formatters.

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