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How many nines is 95 percent?
MediaWiki table syntax
SQL's replace function
Sharky's rewrite of the Hibernate tutorialSharky's rewrite of the Hibernate tutorial: part 1: your first Hibernate applicationSharky's rewrite of the Hibernate tutorial: part 2: mapping associations
Sharky's rewrite of the Hibernate tutorial: part 3: the EventManager web applicationSharky's rewrite of the Hibernate tutorial: part 4: summary
Sharkysoft wikiWhy is missing after a fresh Postfix install?Windows icon sizes
a Java algorithm to iterate through any set's power setan algorithm for step divisionconfiguring a simple email server using Ubuntu, Postfix, SpamAssassin, and Dovecot
configuring a simple email server using Ubuntu, Postfix, SpamAssassin, and Procmaildisabling autorun on Windows XP
editing the MediaWiki navigation paneemailing files from the command line
handy keystrokes in Visual Studio 10how to GET JSON data with RestTemplatehow to assign a new CrashPlan identity to a cloned machine
how to build a virtual user email serverhow to change locked screen background image on Windows 7
how to change your database password with SQLhow to change your desktop location in Windowshow to configure Mailman on a virtual host
how to configure Postfix to detect spam with SpamAssassinhow to configure a feature-rich MediaWiki instancehow to configure a firewall on Ubuntu 10.04
how to configure a static IP address on Ubuntu Serverhow to configure a static IP address on Ubuntu Server 12.04 and prior versions
how to configure a virtual user email server using Postfix, Dovecot, and SpamAssassinhow to configure multiple MediaWiki instances on a single host
how to create the perfect MediaWiki wikihow to deliver spam to a separate folder using Postfix, SpamAssassin, and Dovecot Deliver
how to disable automatic capitalization of page names in MediaWikihow to disable the console screen saver in Linuxhow to enable NFS file sharing on Ubuntu Server
how to enable directory browsing in Apachehow to enable larger file uploads in MediaWikihow to enable normal pasting in FCKEditor
how to fix Webmin after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04how to generate a self-signed certificatehow to help Apache determine the server's fully qualified domain name
how to hide or change the displayed page titlehow to hide the footer on a MediaWiki wikihow to install Oracle Java 7 on Ubuntu
how to install a Debian (.deb) packagehow to list all installed packages in Ubuntu
how to lock your Ubuntu desktop without hiding ithow to move a MediaWiki wiki from one server to anotherhow to query a time server
how to recursively remove unused folders and files from a folderhow to redirect stderrhow to remove index.php from MediaWiki URLs
how to restore networking after changing MAC addresseshow to set the host name on a Linux systemhow to set the main page on a Mediawiki wiki
how to show the GRUB 2 boot menuhow to simultaneously copy multiple files from remote host using scphow to start a secure shell with X11 forwarding
jQuery plug-in to limit text length in textarealunch bet estimationpackage management idioms
solid block characteruseful resources for studying HTML 5 or CSS 3
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