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Uses of Class

Packages that use HtmlComponent
lava.text.html HTML parsing. 

Uses of HtmlComponent in lava.text.html

Subclasses of HtmlComponent in lava.text.html
 class HtmlCloseTag
          Closing HTML tag.
 class HtmlComment
          HTML comment.
 class HtmlError
          Malformed HTML source.
 class HtmlOpenTag
          Opening HTML tag.
 class HtmlRegularTag
          HTML tag.
 class HtmlSpecialTag
          Unusual HTML tag.
 class HtmlText
          Uninterpreted HTML text.

Methods in lava.text.html that return HtmlComponent
 HtmlComponent HtmlParser.parse()
          Parses one HTML element.
 HtmlComponent HtmlParser.peek()
          Peeks at next component without consuming.

Methods in lava.text.html with parameters of type HtmlComponent
static boolean HtmlParser.isOpenTag(HtmlComponent c, java.lang.String type)
static boolean HtmlParser.isCloseTag(HtmlComponent c, java.lang.String type)

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