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Package lava.riff

RIFF file processing.


Interface Summary
IRiffInput Riff input source.
IRiffOutput Riff output sink.

Class Summary
Riff RIFF file constants.
RiffChunkReader Reads data from RIFF chunk.
RiffInputFile File-based RIFF data source.
RiffInputStream InputStream based RIFF data source.
RiffOutputFile File-based RIFF data sink.
RiffStreamReader Parses RIFF data source.
RiffStreamWriter Generates RIFF stream.

Package lava.riff Description

RIFF file processing.

Details: The RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) file format is the underlying format for several popular multimedia formats, including Microsoft .wav and .avi files. This package contains classes that faciliate reading and writing files in the RIFF format.

More information on the RIFF file format can be obtained from RIFF WAVE (.WAV) file format.

Because the RIFF file format is Windows-centric phenomenon, "windows.h" notation is used in this package documentation. This means:

BYTE is an 8-bit integer, represented in this package with byte
WORD is a 16-bit integer, represented in this package with short
DWORD is a 32-bit integer, represented in this package with int

Whenever WORDs or DWORDs are serialized into bytes, the bytes are arranged in little-endian order.

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