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Uses of Interface

Packages that use IRiffInput
lava.riff RIFF file processing. 
lava.riff.wave Wave file processing. 

Uses of IRiffInput in lava.riff

Classes in lava.riff that implement IRiffInput
 class RiffInputFile
          File-based RIFF data source.
 class RiffInputStream
          InputStream based RIFF data source.

Constructors in lava.riff with parameters of type IRiffInput
RiffStreamReader.RiffStreamReader(IRiffInput rais)
          Processes RIFF header.

Uses of IRiffInput in lava.riff.wave

Constructors in lava.riff.wave with parameters of type IRiffInput
WaveStreamReader.WaveStreamReader(IRiffInput rais)
          Sets wave stream source.
PcmWaveStreamReader.PcmWaveStreamReader(IRiffInput rais)
          Sets input source.

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