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Uses of Class

Packages that use RiffChunkReader
lava.riff RIFF file processing. 
lava.riff.wave Wave file processing. 

Uses of RiffChunkReader in lava.riff

Subclasses of RiffChunkReader in lava.riff
 class RiffStreamReader
          Parses RIFF data source.

Methods in lava.riff that return RiffChunkReader
 RiffChunkReader RiffChunkReader.readChunk()
          Begins reading inner chunk.

Uses of RiffChunkReader in lava.riff.wave

Methods in lava.riff.wave that return RiffChunkReader
 RiffChunkReader WaveAdtlChunkReader.getInformationChunk(int cuename, int tag)
          Looks up information chunk.
protected  RiffChunkReader WaveStreamReader.getChunkReader(int n)
          Returns chunk reader by index.

Constructors in lava.riff.wave with parameters of type RiffChunkReader
WaveFormatChunk.WaveFormatChunk(RiffChunkReader rcr)
          Initializes from open chunk.

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